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How often should I have my eyes checked?

The frequency of having an eye exam is based on several different things including your age, past eye history, and your overall health. Generally, we recommend once yearly eye exams for healthy individuals. However, after your eye exam we will make a recommendation as to when you should return for your next eye checkup!

When should I have my child’s eyes checked for the first time?

Your child’s first eye exam is a very important part of making sure they are prepared for the life they have ahead of them. We recommend all children have an eye exam by the age of 5 to 6 years old. However, watch for any signs that your child may not be seeing well at all ages: squinting, holding objects closer than normal when they play, or if their eyes do not seem to work together. If you have any questions about your child’s eyesight, always have them checked. Early detection of childhood eye problems can make a big difference in their overall development!

What is dilation and why is it important?

Dilation of the eye is a procedure where the doctor uses special drops to temporarily relax specific muscles in the eye that provides a two-fold effect. First, the iris (colored part of eye) is enlarged, making the pupil open wider to enhance the view of the internal eye. The second effect relaxes the focusing muscles of the eyes. This can be helpful in determining if the eye focusing muscles are strained or over worked. The effects of dilation drops typically last 2-4 hours but may last longer in sensitive individuals.


Technology has enhanced our ability to examine the eyes without dilation; our doctors will determine the need for dilation during your eye exam based on symptoms, health background, and the cumulative results of your comprehensive eye exam.

Does spending more time on my computer hurt my eyes?

Research indicates the use of computers and other hand-held devices can have negative effects on eye health as well as affect sleep patterns in some individuals. Most devices use LED light to illuminate the screen, which emit high energy blue light. Over time, this light can damage the delicate internal lining of the eye.


For those that use computers and other screen devices at work or other prolonged activities regularly, a coating can be applied to eyeglass lenses to block the high energy from passing through, helping to protect the eyes.

I see fine, why do I need to go to the eye doctor?

Going to the eye doctor even if you see well is an integral part of maintaining your overall health. A comprehensive eye exam not only evaluates the focus and clearness of your vision, but it also evaluates the physical health of one of your most important senses! The exam checks for signs of underlying eye diseases that may be present. Early detection is extremely important as many eye diseases do not cause any pain; permanent, irreversible damage may have already occurred by the time an individual notices a change in their vision.

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